Responsible Raw Material
Procurement Policy

All supplies submit to socioenvironmental monitoring, which guarantees a sustainable value chain

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To guarantee the source of its raw materials, the Company has a modern supplier monitoring system that uses several public data bases, satellite imagery and geo-referenced data. JBS also checks out information from government bodies to vouch for the compliance of its direct cattle suppliers and to ensure that they abide by the strict socioenvironmental criteria contained in its Responsible Raw Material Procurement Policy.

The system checks that the farms are not located in areas of deforestation, on indigenous lands or environmental conservation units; do not use forced labor; are not under environmental embargoes; not located in quilombola areas; and/or not accused of heinous crimes. Daily monitoring of 100% of the suppliers draws on current data on around 78,000 registered suppliers distributed across an area of 920,000 square kilometers throughout Brazil - equivalent to three times the size of Italy.


Upon identifying farms that are not compliant with one or more of the established socioenvironmental criteria the system automatically blocks that property’s registration, making it impossible for it to engage in any transactions with the company until the supplier has regularized the situation. Since its implementation, the system has already blocked more than 12,000 farms in Brazil.

JBS is also co-developer of the Boi na Linha program ( in partnership with the Federal Prosecution Office(MPF) and Brazilian NGO, Imaflora, which defines criteria, parameters and technical rules for monitoring cattle suppliers in Brazil’s Legal Amazon.

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